About Us

Family Academy (FA) is:

  • About creative educational structures in support of Family-Directed Education.  We are turning K-12 education on its head by putting parents in charge and customizing learning for each child - our philosophy.
  • A faith-based, non-profit organization offering memberships for families, Teacher Consultants, private schools, and a supportive constituency dedicated to Family-Directed Education.
  • Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, the organization seeks to enhance and expand the K-12 program it has pioneered and developed over the past two plus decades - our mission
  • Promoting Family-Directed Education through:
    1. Parent training in our Able to Teach course and in the on-going services of our Family Membership.
    2. Teacher Consultant orientation, Professional Membership and frequent In-Services to assist certificated teachers in rethinking and retooling their previous training into a more effective service to families as Teacher Consultants.
    3. Equipping private schools and churches to establish educational services for parents and their children that includes Teacher Consultants working with the families to create an educational program that meets their specific needs.

Beginning in the mid-1980s, Family Academy pioneered a "private school extension program" serving homeschooling families, primarily in Washington State, and in some other states as well.  Because of the uniqueness of the program, FA restructured into a membership organization to serve those who would like a similar program in their state or country.  So in 2003, the private school extension program in WA State, Academy Northwest, became a separate non-profit organization and is now an Affiliate School Member under Family Academy.

FA derives its revenue from its memberships, parent training, Teacher Consultant training, book sales, and the donations of individuals and businesses.  To maintain full autonomy, neither FA, a 501(c)3 organization, nor its Affiliate Schools accept any government funding.