Pastors & Church Leaders

Are you concerned about the spiritual battles being fought everyday in the public school classroom by the students in your congregation?

  • Fact:  Over 70% of students raised in a Christian homes who have been taught in either public or Christian school have already decided by age 16 to walk away from their church and their faith as soon as they leave home. (Source: Barna Research 2000)

Jesus said, A disciple when he is fully taught will be like his master (Luke 6:40).  Unfortunately, most of our kids are being discipled in their peer culture and that is what the previously mentioned statistic reflects. Families are the best place to raise, educate, and disciple children.

Have you considered opening a private Christian school, but after looking at all of the requirements, decided your calling is the ministry, not operating a school?

  • Fact:  The legal issues alone to establish a private school can be overwhelming but with most Christian schools making little difference  in their students’ spiritual maturity, it appears to miss the mark anyway.
  • Fact:  Students homeschooled in a Christian family have less than 10% of their children leaving their Christian faith. (Source: Home Educated and Now Adults by Dr. Brian Ray)

However, the families of your congregation may feel reticent to homeschool. 

Family Academy has a solution to your church’s need where students will be challenged to excel academically while becoming the spiritually mature leaders this nation needs. We have an Affiliate Academy with a homeschool extension program offering professional teacher support to parents and students.  

Our program blends the best of homeschool and private school into Family-Directed Education. Our Teacher Consultants are professional certified teachers who are experienced and trained in methods to assist the homeschool parent in selecting curriculum and educating their children to have a biblical worldview.

By coming alongside the family in a consulting position, we provide expert advice in finding and using the best resources and instructional methods.  The Teacher Consultant also offers accountability for student’s completion of work through weekly meetings with parents and students.  Most of our teachers also offer weekly small group classes for a particular subject and grade range.

If you have creative, gifted teachers within your congregation, we can also train them to become Family Academy Teacher Consultants.




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