Already Homeschooling

We are committed to helping homeschoolers make it over the long-haul. Those who have been homeschooling sometimes struggle with burnout.  We would encourage you to take some time to refresh yourself as a homeschooling parent by taking our Able to Teach  course. 

Our organization is called Family Academy and  “Family” is our first name because we exist to strengthen and support families.  “Academy” is our last name because we believe in learning, and Academy also connotes “excellence”.  Our world needs excellent families and that only comes through commitment by parents to find the best way for their children.  We believe that is more likely to be found through homeschooling than any other way.  Family Academy's main purpose is to help any dedicated parent fulfill the challenge of home-centered learning.

As children move into their adolescent years, parents may need additional support to continue homeschooling.  For families with junior high and older students, we recommend checking out Academy Northwest, our accredited private school extension program.  Through enrollment in Academy Northwest, you and your student will be served via weekly instruction / classes, phone appointments, and email.  Also, Homeschooling the High Schooler  (pdf) by Candice Childs and Diana McAlister (available from Family Academy Bookstore) provides a great wealth of ideas and methods when working with older students.

You might also want to develop a local extension program through your church.  Check out our information for pastors and church leaders