Family Academy (FA) is:

About gifted teachers helping families with creative solutions:

  • Turning K-12 education on its head
  • Putting parents in charge .
  • Benefiting families and Teacher Consultants (TCs)

Promoting Family Directed Education through:

  • Parent training in our Able to Teach course and in the on-going services of our Family Membership network.
    • Helping parents understand that they, legally and Biblically, have jurisdiction over their child’s education
    • Offering support and training through our TCs, books, and online programs
    • Thinking outside the box and developing appropriate learning strategies customized to meet the individual needs of the child
    • Supporting families seeking educational resources in keeping with their values and their children’s gifting and purpose
  • Teacher Consultant orientation and Professional Membership to:
      • Assist a network of godly Christian teachers in
      • Rethinking and retooling their previous training for more effective service to homeschooling families as TCs
      • Freeing them from the “school” bureaucracies
    • Providing leadership to families who want quality individualized education for their students
  • Partnering with churches to:
      • Provide Teacher Consultants in their community who
      • Work creatively with parents to meet the specific educational needs of their children
    • Make a difference in their community through those families.

A faith-based 501(c)(3) educational organization offering memberships for families, Teacher Consultants, and supporting partners of Family-Directed Education.