A call out to churches, home-school groups, private schools, and faith-based organizations:

  • Over 70% of students raised in Christian homes walk away from their faith by age 16.
  • Students home-schooled in a Christian family have a less then 10% rate of leaving their Christian faith (1). It just makes sense for a pastor, church leader or other faith-based organizations to come alongside what we are doing — strengthening the parents of home-schoolers.

We specialize in building community between teachers and family. How can you help? How can we help you?


Educational services

  • Training and support for teachers interested in becoming Family Academy Teacher Consultants
  • Training and support for Churches and Homeschool Groups interested in starting a local learning center, extension campus, or affiliate school
  • Guest speakers and/or workshops for parents
  • Consulting with parents – face-to-face, phone, and Internet-based
  • Assessment of student skills and progress
  • Achievement testing of students


Learn about opportunities to start an affiliate campus at your church. This is a great way to provide a Christian education without having to build and operate your own school.

Home-school Groups

Most support groups and home-school co-ops provide an excellent service to families who are home educating their children. Many in leadership, however, recognize the challenge of providing adequate services and support to families with older children or families seeking greater assistance to succeed or continue.

For support groups, Family Academy can provide additional training for parents or workshops on a specific topic.  We offer a substantial discount to support group leaders and coop leaders for the Able to Teach course so they can experience for themselves the advantages of taking this course.

For co-ops, FA could also provide a parallel support to supplement the co-op classes through a local Teacher Consultant.  The Teacher Consultant can provide oversight to the enrolled families’ learning programs and offer classes to their students.



Private Christian Schools

The Christian school can’t meet the needs of every family, but providing options other than turning the students over to public school is key to supporting families. Family Academy can help private schools assist families to meet their children’s learning needs through Family-Directed Education.

The private school could:

  • Host an “Able to Teach” course.
  • Establish an FA-affiliated learning center or extension campus that co-ordinates with options from the private school (specific classes, sports, music, field trips, etc.)
  • If the private school is only K-6 or K-8, Family Academy can provide a learning center or extension campus offering an accredited school program for the higher grades.

Faith-Based Organizations

Many faith-based organizations providing services to families with school-aged children could enhance their program by including Family-Directed Education as an option.


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We’re sure you have some questions, but if you feel that we can help you then please contact us. We would love to provide you with all of the information you’re seeking.

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