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Homeschooling the High Schooler

$35 + shipping/handling

By Candice Childs & Diana McAlister

This  220-page comprehensive resource overviews high school academics, credit requirements, transcripts, GED, college entrance, scholarships, and how to’s of developing courses.  It also outlines key objectives, skills and topics for courses (college prep and non-college prep), and course pre-requisites.  Included are thorough listings and annotations for numerous resources (primarily not textbooks) that empower students to learn.

With over sixty years of combined experience as homeschooling parents, as teachers working with homeschooling families, and as former classroom teachers, co-authors Candice Childs and Diana McAlister (and co-founders of Academy Northwest, an FA-affiliate private school extension program) bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to high school for home-schoolers.  It incorporates numerous insights from many homeschooling parents, students, and fellow Family Academy teachers.  These inputs in the refreshing “Viewpoints” and strategies for selecting resources and building a learning program that works for college and life prep are integrated throughout.   Homeschooling the High-Schooler provides all the guidance you need to prepare and do homeschooling for high school.   Great for junior high too.

(K-8 Planner & Record-Keeping)  $15 + shipping/handling

Plan and record K-8 home-school learning using  this simple, yet comprehensive tool.  Whether a new home-schooler or a veteran, this resource will serve as one of the most simple, yet effective ways of planning and recording a child’s educational journey (K-8).  Developed by Family Academy teachers and experienced home-schooling parents, Diana McAlister and Candice Childs.

Independent Study & Planning Guide  $15 + shipping/handling

Trying to organize your high school life?  Our planning guide provides a simple method for  tracking & recording high school course work.   This resource encourages a creative approach to completing high school courses, implementing simple time management techniques to document course work.  Teaches how to plan all steps necessary for developing  a course and for determining credit and grades without having to do a “correspondence course” or “fill-in the blank” workbook (real or virtual) approach.  Great when used together with Homeschooling the High Schooler. 

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