Registration information for the 2024-2025 school year:

The private school extension programs that may have directed you here to enroll, have their own nonrefundable deposits, so please check with them after you complete the initial paperwork.  You will receive a letter of acceptance and further instructions to meet with a teacher in the program you have elected to participate in. Those who are already enrolled students and re-enrolling for 2024-2025, your paperwork is with your teachers starting March 25th.  You can pay for registration, and items pertaining to your student’s enrollment through this page.  Registration, Aleks if needed, Planners. and Transcripts or Online access. Check your customized form given to you by your teacher. 

Please download the fillable forms and open them on your device. Fill in all required fields. After completing each form, save it to your desktop. Rename each file appropriately (e.g., ChildName_ImmunizationForm). Once all forms are filled and saved, send an email to Attach all saved forms, including the Immunization Form, to the email. Please double-check that all forms are attached before sending. The parent/teacher financial agreement will be sent via DocuSign once enrollment has been processed.

Following this, please visit the shop and click on our 24-25 registration link to pay for the services you are needing now. Below is a pricing overview for services:

  • Non-Refundable Family Academy Registration $185.00 (only until May 31st (after that it goes up to $260.00) FA student registration additional students after the first one is $25.00 each – Student Registration
  • Aleks Math $135.00 – 1 year
  • Teaching My Own Planners Spiral Bound $19.95 (taxable) – Teaching My Own Planner SB
  • Teaching My Own Planners Perfect Bound $16.00 (taxable) – Teaching My Own Planner PB
  • High School My Way Planner Spiral Bound $19.95 (taxable) – High School My Way Planner SB
  • High School My Way Planner Perfect Bound $16.00 (taxable) – High School My Way Planner PB
  • My Sci Learning $200.00 per month – 1st month up front
  • Brain Training $150.00 per month – 1st month up front
  • Tourism 101 (18 languages over 2 years in 4 week increments $105.00 per month – 1st payment up front billing starts in August)
  • Spanish 1, 2 or 3 (105.00 per month – 1st month up front – billing starts in August)
  • Transcription Service – validating your student(s) high school transcript $60.00 per hour, one hour paid in advance. Appointment will be made with the closest teacher available.
  • Senior/Graduation Fee – Tassel, Official Transcript and Diploma $150.00* Veteran’s Diploma $40.00**
  • Graduation Ceremony – Official Transcript, Diploma and Ceremony $300.00*
*Students must register for their senior year, present a portfolio of work to verify enough credit hours per subject and are subject to additional fees.  Monthly payments if enroll before June to give a 10-month payment plan. Must be paid in full to receive transcripts and diplomas.
**Veterans, diploma or honoris diploma, available. No charge for Ceremony.  We would be honored to help those who never completed High School due to the interruption of a war.  (WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Dessert Storm)


If you have any questions, please visit our contact page and someone will get back to you promptly.

Thank you,

Family Academy