Parent-Directed Education

Family Academy comes alongside home-school parents, helping them be more effective and better teachers. Our Teacher Consultants offer a variety of services to assist the homeschooling family.


Why Home-school (Parent Directed Education)

Research clearly shows that homeschooling works. Homeschooling leads to a better education, stronger family and a more well-rounded character:

Education Benefits:

Effective education and life’s best lessons takes place within the context of a good relationship with a person who carefully considers one’s thoughts and ideas… and responds to them with respect and dignity. The potential for those relationships is best found within the family. The curriculum can be tailored to the needs of the student rather than forcing the student through an academic assembly line.

  • With one-on-one instruction, less time is wasted waiting for the others.
  • The family offers a more positive environment: spiritually, mentally, and physically.  Children learn responsibility and decision making.
  • Students have time to pursue and become excellent in their interests and passions.
  • As adolescents, students are capable of “owning” their education—it’s their responsibility.

Stronger Family:

Homeschooling helps family members relate to one another and thus draws the family closer together. Siblings develop more significant friendships with their brothers and sisters, and relate better to adults in general.

Learning to manage family-directed education, whether you have one child or multiple children, means the family must learn to problem solve, act on another’s behalf, focusing on the whole family’s needs.

Character building:

Homeschooling creates times of solitude missing in our overly-structured society. These times create space for the child to know himself separate from peer pressure.

True socialization is living by the Golden Rule: treat others the way you would want to be treated. Children learn this through frequent positive interactions with adult role models like their parents.

The social skills needed to succeed are in building meaningful relationships. (One family began homeschooling when their daughter’s Jr. High had seven suicides one semester. Not the kind of ‘socialization’ they wanted for their three students!)