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In our model:

The role of the student is to learn by exploring and achieving while interacting with the people in their life.

The role of the parent is to guide and encourage their student while collaborating with the Teacher Consultant and others.  The parent can then make any adjustments needed to the learning program in light of both their own personal growth and that of their student.

The Teacher Consultant’s role is to challenge and assess the student, and to support and problem-solve with the parent.

  • A Teacher Consultant (TC) can help parents cut through the deluge of curriculum and put a learning program together that matches the student’s learning style, passions, and academic needs.
  • A TC is specifically trained to work with homeschooling families.
  • By coming alongside the family in a consulting position, we provide expert advice in finding and using the best resources and instructional methods.
  • Most of our teachers also offer weekly small group classes for a particular subject and grade range.
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Become a Teacher Consultant:

We are looking for creative, gifted educators who hold to and wish to teach from a Biblical worldview.

Are you:
  • Frustrated with not being allowed to be innovative in the classroom and school structure?
  • Dissatisfied with traditional education?
  • Growing increasingly uncomfortable with the subject matter you are required to teach?
  • Dreaming of influencing children and parents via a dynamic, relational, educational model?
  • Interested in owning your own business/keeping your own schedule?

We assist a network of godly teachers in rethinking and retooling previous training for more effective service to homeschooling families as TC’s. We then match you up with family(s) where you can help them provide quality individualized education for their students.

Teacher Consultants are free to develop a program that works for them in their community.  They benefit professionally and personally from relationships with other like-minded educators who bring a creative synergy to the learning-teaching process.  The format of services offered to families is up to the TC and varies from one-on-one, to weekly Learning Center instructional gatherings of 5-20 students, to an assortment of weekly classes.

Some of our professional development training topics include:

  • Teacher Consultant Initial Orientation
  • Teacher Consultant High School Orientation
  • Time Management
  • Independent Contracting 101
  • Unit Studies
  • Useful Computer Applications for Educators
  • Analyzing Learning Styles
  • Testing and Assessments
  • Preparing students for the college application process


“Teaching with Family Academy means I can uphold my Christian beliefs, be autonomous to meet student needs, and be supported by the network that exists between teachers. It is like no other.”  –  Patti Deal, Teacher Consultant

“I am able to form relationships with parents, and our team effort results in a well-educated child. With Family Academy’s support, I truly have the perfect teaching environment.”  –  Debbie Griffith, Teacher Consultant

Explore with us to see if our program fits what God is calling you to.

Become a Teacher Consultant