Services Available:

We offer these services to both our Private School students and our Homeschool students. Registration is needed for some services. Certain services are eligible for discounts with the purchase of Family Academy Membership.  If you are interested in more information, please fill out our contact form, referring to the service(s) in which you are interested.


PreK – Kindergarten Services:

  • Support for families with preschoolers available through one of our
    Teacher Consultants, along with access to monthly curriculum activities
    provided by The Moments at Home. Registration Required. 

Elementary Services:

  • Report Cards for K-8
  • MySciLearn:  A Learning Accelerator/Reading Booster for all ages.
    Phonics for k-2 also provided

Jr. High / High School Services:

  • Sports Grade Reports:  Weekly grade report for sports requirements at
    local schools or dual enrollment programs.
  • High School Transcript Evaluation:  Guidance for the parent and
    student to see what is needed for graduation.
  • High School Transcript Preparation
  • Biblical Worldview Curriculum
  • Life Practicum Curriculum
  • Washington State History Curriculum
  • World Geography Curriculum
  • Writers Bootcamp

Online Services:

We offer many courses online that are self-paced including:

  • Time4Learning is a great option for new homeschooling parents not sure
    where to start. Until you finish the Able to Teach or Homeschooling Basics
    courses, this will help you tremendously. Teacher oversight.
  • IXL is a very basic program instructing on Math, Science, History and English.
    Spanish available for an additional fee. If your student needs simplicity, this
    program is for you. Teacher oversight.
  • is a great place to get materials you can
    download, complete with answer keys and weekly schedules. Perfect for
    those RVing around the country and only have limited internet access. One
    small monthly fee and its unlimited access. Use our link to gain access and
    help support Family Academy at the same time!

Film School 4 Teens:

We offer the following opportunities for high school
credit when enrolled with one of our Teacher Consultants.

  • Acting for the Screen:  In this 12-part course, we will teach the basic
    building block that makes a great screen performance. Acting 4 the
    Screen equals 1 semester elective credit (60 hours)
  • Photography 4 Teens:  Learn the basics of photography in a 12-part
    course featuring lessons, demonstrations, workshops, and assignments.
  • YouTube 4 Teens:  This course gives students the training to start,
    grow and launch a YouTube channel. A 12-week course for
    tweens, teens, or adults! (60 Hours or 1/2 elective credit). 1 semester (60
  • Intro to Filmmaking:  Learn the art of filmmaking start to finish in this
    18-section course (complete a section every two weeks or in one week if
    you are working fast). Good for 1 high school elective credit for one year
    – (120 hours)
  • Advanced Filmmaking:  Live zoom mentoring class with Filmmaker
    Damon Evans.  Meets once a week with 5 other young filmmakers
    creating a community element of being in a group with peers creating
    their own films.  This course is very inspiring and holds everyone
    accountable as they create their own short film in a semester.

Learning Challenges:

  • Brain Training:  Assistance with individualized Neurodevelopmental
    plan with two 30-minute online sessions a week with a Brain Trainer.
  • Hear Builder:  This program helps the student better develop their
    auditory processes.
  • Overcoming Learning Challenges:  A course that offers parents insight
    on how to help their student who struggles with learning challenges.
    To learn more about Overcoming Learning Challenges, click here.

Testing & Assessment Services:

  • Educational Balance:  This includes full assessments, Learning Style Analysis,
    and curricula planning for the school year.
  • Non-test Assessments:  Offered by several of our Teacher Consultants.  A
    good option for the student who struggles with standardized testing. Zoom
    or in person available.
  • Testing Validation:  For parents needing the supervision of a teacher to give
    the PASS, IOWA or CAT tests at home. We provide the validation required.


  • Aleks Math:  A 3-12 online math program with instructor oversight. This
    program works great with struggling students. It constantly goes over
    learned concepts – different from book work. It shows a student immediately
    if they get a problem wrong and step by step how to solve the problem.
    Videos and worksheets also available, but the best part, higher math, Parents
    don’t need to know math for the student to do the work! Tutors available if
    your student gets stuck.
    Key Math R:  Assessment of 13 pre-high school areas of math knowledge. We
    recommend this before 8th grade so you know if your student is ready for high

Other Services:

  • Graduation Services for homeschool families: Our
    Teacher Consultants will come out and help you present your
    grad their diploma. Must be registered with Family Academy
    Private School the senior year. We recommend purchasing the
    book, Homeschool Graduation Tool Kit by author T.M. Goddard-
    Elliott to help plan your special occasion. Start off the
    beginning of your student’s senior year.

Books and Curriculum:  Please visit our online store here.