Able To Teach (Parent Qualifying Course)

  • Thinking about homeschooling but unsure about how to begin?
  • Already homeschooling but want to improve on your teaching methods?
  • Feeling home-school weary and need some fresh ideas?

Developed by two experienced homeschooling moms and certified teachers, “Able to Teach”, an invaluably informative course on effective home education, provides a smorgasbord of teaching strategies and resources to pick from and try.

Through the “Able to Teach” course, parents can learn how to individualize home instruction to meet their child’s unique needs. The end of each session provides additional spiritual development ideas as well.

20 hours over approximately 4 weeks. An online, self-paced course, available online at your convenience or through live instruction at select locations.

For WA State residents, any format of this course meets the state requirement as a parent qualifying course.

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Course content:


This course offers instruction in all the areas critical to successful homeschooling. Like the proverb, we don’t give you the fish (a home-school system), we teach you to fish (effective home education methods).


Topics include:

  • Determining your child’s and your own learning style
  • Choosing the right resources and curriculum from kindergarten through high school
  • Nurturing creativity & thinking skills
  • Child growth and development
  • Brain research
  • Achieving math success (in parent and child)
  • Character building and spiritual growth (parent, child, & family)
  • Legal and personal requirements
  • Developing a personal philosophy of education
  • Finding support for immediate and long-term success
  • Simple home & home-school management
  • Your questions and concerns


Able to Teach Online

  • Open enrollment year round
  • Self-paced (over 4-week window once you have received your course work text in the mail)
  • Phone appointment with on-line instructor at course completion

**Cost: $140 (includes course work text; $69 for spouse – shared course work text). Please note that registration fee is non-refundable but extra time to complete the course may be granted by the instructor by special arrangement.

Able to Teach Live & Hybrid Classes

Currently these formats can be arranged in Puget Sound area of Washington State only. Class days and times will vary.

  • The live Able to Teach course encompasses a total of 17 hours of in-class instruction.  Live classes can be arranged with a minimum registration of 10 individuals or 7 couples.
  • A hybrid format encompasses a combination of live classes combined with online instruction over 6 weeks.  Hybrid classes are arranged with a minimum registration of 8 individuals or 5 couples.
  • If interested in arranging either a live class or a hybrid class call Diana at 425-346-9423, office (206) 928-2934, or email

     Cost: $140 (includes course work-text) $69 for spouse
**Course fees are currently under consideration

Register here for Able to Teach online course