FA School Online

Our Online High School Courses will be available in the fall of 2023. Check back in May for registration details! 

Do you have a struggling learner? We can help.

Making Online Education Personal & Successful

  • Individualized assessment of student’s skills
  • Professional support to determine and implement the learning program
  • Collaboration to adjust the program as needed
  • Encouragement and validation to help the student stay focused and accountable
  • Successful learning experiences which help students overcome roadblocks
  • Achievement in meeting learning goals

Our program:

We use the Unlocking Learning Potential services. Our program includes:

  • Family Support
  • Fast ForWord (a learning accelerator)
  • Reading Assistant
  • Brain Training
  • Numerous teacher-assisted courses
  • Other online learning programs.

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Online services are available a la carte and include:

Family Support:

This foundational service helps parents have the best road map for success.  Each student is assessed through a video conference to determine goals, best methods and curriculum. Regular accountability and quarterly conferences help parent and student stay on track.

Fast ForWord (K-12):

A learning accelerator proven to increase academic performance in just 10 weeks.  We also provide additional follow-up services through Reading Assistant once students have mastered cognitive skills assignments in Fast ForWord.

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Brain Training:

For students with learning challenges, families receive individual help from a Neurodevelopmentalist/ Brain Trainer via video conference.  After completing an online survey and screening tool for the student, the parents are taught a sequenced and incremental series of brain developing activities to do with the student.

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