About Family Academy & Family Directed Education

As members of the body of Christ, our goal is to serve. We serve professional educators and families, helping them to work with one another in serving the student. 

Inspiring Students
We inspire students to thrive
Encouraging Parents
We encourage parents to educate
Equipping Teachers
We equip teachers to serve
Impacting Future Generations
We impact future generations
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Why We exist:

Family Academy was founded in the early 1980’s by two certified teachers as a private school extension program to home-schoolers under the home-schooling law of Washington State. Desiring to help families nation-wide, the organization restructured into a membership organization in 2003.

Family Academy seeks to fit education to the child, and equip parents to implement it. We believe that parents (and Guardians) are in a God-appointed role. Through our Able To Teach course and by partnering with a Family Academy Teacher-Consultant (TC) we help the family choose what will be studied—according to the student’s need and interests, and the parent’s desires and abilities.

Our Vision:

We at Family Academy –

  • Inspire students to thrive
  • Encourage parents to educate
  • Equip teachers to serve
  • Impact future generations

Our Mission:

… is to put parents in the “driver’s seat” of their children’s education; and support growth into God-given purposes.

Our Values:

  • The Bible is true, authoritative
  • We work to build and keep grace-filled relationships in our own families and our FA community
  • Each person is unique—a special work of God
  • Being purposeful, teachable and disciplined
  • Faithful stewardship of gifts, lives, resources


Our Philosophy: 

Family Academy begins with the Biblical worldview showing that

  • Each child is unique and of equal precious value before God,
  • Learning takes place best within the context of meaningful relationships, and
  • Parents should exercise the primary teaching influence during the K-12 years.

Our role is to reinforce the family’s values and goals, to help develop faith and character,  strengthening the family unit.

Guiding principles: a student learns from his/her parent and achieves.  The parent encourages the student and collaborates with the Teacher Consultant.  The Teacher Consultant supports the parent and assesses the student’s work.
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In this educational model, the parent and student consult with a quality teacher of their choice who is dedicated to supporting the family’s learning program. This arrangement empowers parents to raise their children to their full potential – academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

The role of the student is to learn by exploring and achieving while interacting with the people in their life.

The role of the parent is to guide and encourage their student while collaborating with the Teacher Consultant and others. The parent can then make any adjustments needed to the learning program in light of both their own personal growth and that of their student.

The Teacher Consultant’s role is to challenge and assess the student, and to support and problem-solve with the parent.

As each person considers the thoughts and ideas of the others, they all experience growth and development. Authority and responsibility for all parts of the student’s education stay in the hands of the parent, supported by the training and assistance of the Teacher Consultant.

The Family Academy program includes, but is not limited to:

  • Learning within meaningful relationships
  • Accountability
  • Individualized learning plans
  • Professional guidance
  • Documentation of completed work (transcripts)
  • High standards (raising the bar)
  • Personalized help
  • Academic and personal excellence
  • Reinforcement of family values
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