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In our model:

The role of the student is to learn by exploring and achieving while interacting with the people in their life.

The role of the parent is to guide and encourage their student while collaborating with the Teacher Consultant and others.  The parent can then make any adjustments needed to the learning program in light of both their own personal growth and that of their student.

The Teacher Consultant’s role is to support and problem-solve with the parent, and to challenge and assess the student.

  • A Teacher Consultant (TC) can help parents cut through the deluge of curriculum and put a learning program together that matches the student’s learning style, passions, and academic needs.
  • A TC is specifically trained to work with homeschooling families.
  • By coming alongside the family in a consulting position, we provide expert advice in finding and using the best resources and instructional methods.
  • Most of our teachers also offer weekly small group classes for a particular subject and grade range.
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