Topics Covered

This course offers instruction in all the areas critical to successful homeschooling. Like the proverb, we don’t give you the fish (a homeschool system), we teach you to fish (effective home education methods).

Topics include:

  • Determining your child’s and your own learning style
  • Choosing the right resources and curriculum from kindergarten through high school
  • Nurturing creativity & thinking skills
  • Child growth and development
  • Brain research
  • Achieving math success (in parent and child)
  • Character building and spiritual growth (parent, child, & family)
  • Legal and personal requirements
  • Developing a personal philosophy of education
  • Finding support for immediate and long-term success
  • Simple home & homeschool management
  • Your questions and concerns

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To receive a certificate of completion on-line course should be completed within a 4 week window after receiving the course work text.