Family Academy (FA) Teacher Consultants are independent contractors, free to structure their activities, services and fees within the parameters of the program.

Family Academy contracts with Teacher Consultants (TCs) to operate an affiliated “learning center” (multiple innovative classroom models—from simple-in-your-home to complex) in their local areas. In addition, guidelines and procedures are available for your use. For example,

  • evaluating student needs
  • determining both parental and student learning styles
  • student developmental maturity levels
  • academic placements essentials for setting goals and objectives for each student

The contracted parameters TCs offer include:

  • meeting regularly with their student individually, in groups, or family units
  • sharing ideas and cultivating effective learning for the students and parents involved
  • Giving guidelines of best practices gleaned from decades of experience in our Washington State affiliate

In addition, our FA program encourages and provides a conduit for Teacher Consultants to network through our Professional Membership, sharing ideas and expertise with their peers.

Contact us at or call (425) 346 9423 for more information.