How is a Teacher Consultant different than a teacher?

A Teacher Consultant [TC] functions very differently than a classroom teacher, primarily because the TC’s role is to help parents stay in charge of their children’s education.  The TC can help provide some instruction but the  primary role is to assist parents in the home educating of their children. The TC functions as curriculum consultant, counselor, spiritual advisor, and instructor.

How much money can I make?

The income a TC can make will vary greatly due to the local market and the TC’s entrepreneurial motivations and skills. THE UPSIDE — but equally possible: the local market may have many seriously independent homeschoolers who see all teachers as a threat or unnecessary.  It may also have many homeschoolers who have sold out to the “public school at home” programs.  In either case, the TC may need to create a new market by going directly to churches and presenting to the leadership why they should be encouraging families to homeschool and how Family Academy can help. FA has developed materials for doing this presentation.

Do I need to have a business background?

No, but it certainly would help to have some understanding of simple bookkeeping and marketing.  Often, local community colleges will offer short classes or seminars through the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Does my certificate need to be current?

No, unless there is some legal reason required by your state law.  Family Academy does not require current certification.

Do I have to run my own business?

Generally, yes.  One exception is if you are working through an “Extension Campus” format where the administration requires you to be an employee.  Another possibility would be to joint venture with someone who has those skills and motivations.

How do I get students?

You will get students by taking your Family Academy TC training and our FA marketing resources, and then marketing yourself.  It will mean exercising initiative and creativity. We have found word-of-mouth advertising to be the most effective.

What if I don’t know a lot about homeschooling or Family-Directed Education?

Before taking any students, you should complete our Able to Teach course.  The cost of this course is included in the Initial Orientation fee. Also, begin reading books on homeschooling and attending homeschool support groups and conventions.  Many titles in our Bookstore will be of great help.

How do I get started?

The first step is to download the Contact Us for the Teacher Consultant pack and read the introductory letter, then complete and submit your application with its required fees.

Are Teacher Consultants necessary?

In a perfect world, no.  Frankly, many homeschooling families have done well without a TC.  However, many other families quit, or never even start homeschooling for fear of the roadblocks.  That is where a TC can help the most.  Many successful homeschool families might have been even more successful had they accessed a TC.

What resources will I need?

You will need a computer with Internet access, printer, copier, a bank account for your business, a space to hold your Learning Center classes and conferencing, Family Academy resources received at Orientation, and materials related to whatever classes you might choose to offer. You will most likely build a library of resources over time.

What about teaching subjects I know nothing about?

That is one of the reasons to be a Family Academy TC.  You have easy access to all the other TCs for help.

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