The Homeschooling Seminar

A class for new or experienced home schooling parents
Provides the foundation you need to be confident teaching your children at home

Meets the Washington State requirement for a course in home-based instruction for parents who want to home school their children.
It’s never too late to start!

What’s covered?

  • State laws
  • Ages & stages of child development
  • Learning styles, right and left brain research
  • Choosing curricula and resources
  • Socialization myths and truths
  • Home management and chores
  • Assessment and testing
  • Homeschooling high schoolers
  • and MUCH MORE!


February 19-20 and March 19-20, 2021 (Vancouver)
February 26-27 and March 26-27, 2021 (Carson)
Fridays 7-9 PM, Saturdays 9 AM – 4 PM


$90 for individuals, add $10 for two (two parents, or parent and grandparent, or parent and adult sibling)

Register early. Space is limited!

(If registration is postmarked two weeks prior to class; add $10 if mailing registration later)

For printable registration form, click here