(Please read this agreement carefully before signing or submitting electronically.)

I hereby agree to the following terms of Family Academy® Membership.

  • I understand that my name and information will be shared with a Teacher Consultant in my area.
  • I understand that my membership allows a discount on services with any Teacher Consultant that may be assigned to my family.  I am responsible for any additional fees that may be agreed upon with that Teacher Consultant.
  • I understand that my member benefits are for my use only and not transferable.
  • I understand that there is an annual fee* to keep my membership with Family Academy®.  For members enrolled with a Family Academy® Affiliate School, fees are due at the time of registration with the school.

By my electronic submission (or printed signature) of this form:

  • I attest that all the information contained in this application is accurate, complete, and true.
  • I am bound by all elements of the agreement section of the application.
  • I understand and accept that electronic submission will be considered equivalent to an original hand-written signature on a paper copy of the application.

*Membership Fees are reviewed periodically, and may be subject to change.