Homeschooling Basics

Family Academy, in partnership with Multnomah Plus, (a division of Multnomah University) offers Homeschooling Basics, an online mini lecture series for those new to homeschooling and seeking to know more.  Stay tuned for future offerings.  Visit for more details.

Able to Teach

Developed by two experienced homeschooling moms and certified teachers, “Able to Teach”, an invaluably informative course on effective home education, provides a smorgasbord of teaching strategies and resources to pick from and try.

Through the “Able to Teach” course, parents can learn how to individualize home instruction to meet their child’s unique needs.  Click here for more details.

Overcoming Learning Challenges

Overcoming Learning Challenges, is a great follow on from Able to Teach but stands alone for any homeschooling family who faces learning challenges.  For more information, click here.