A call out to Churches, home-school groups, private schools, and faith-based organizations.

  • Over 70% of students raised in Christians homes walk away from their faith by age 16.
  • Students home-school in a Christian family have a less then 10% rate of leaving their Christian faith (1). It just makes sense for a pastor, church leader or other faith-based organizations to come alongside what we are doing; strengthening the parents of home-schoolers.

We specialize in building community between teachers and family. How can you help? How can we help you?


We are always looking to add to our growing network of Teacher Consultants. If you have creative, gifted teachers within your congregation or ministry you think might be interested becoming part of the Family Academy team, or if you know someone who can use our services please contact us.

Private Christian Schools:

Our Able To Teach course can enhance the effectiveness of programs at private Christian Schools

Faith-based organization

Your services to families with school-aged children can be enhanced by including Family-Directed Education as an option. Let us teach you how.

  • Home Educated and Now Adults by Dr. Brian Ray
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