In a recent online survey the following comments were posted about Family Academy’s affiliate school, Academy Northwest:


  • This program can be as hard as I want it to be. I have choices here where I would not if I were in public schools.
  • I needed to be creative and that is what I get in this program.
  • I have all of the opportunities that I want. You have to let people take the responsibilities for themselves. Those that will succeed will and you have to allow people to prosper or fail as their work ethic allows.
  • I don’t think you should change. I enjoy the highly technological based education that I receive and I have been able to use the tech skills in real life
  • I think that the classes you offer are perfect for me. There aren’t any changes you should make that I can think of at the moment .


  • The reason I stayed with this program is because there is flexibility. This is the educational version of love and limits.
  • I have greater peace and assurance in our ability to educate our kids. I have a sounding board and a person who really knows us and loves us to give me feedback about our activities and plans.
  • I am grateful for the program and our teacher’s services.
  • He is getting more here than at the previous school.
  • My daughter really enjoys school now that she started going to Academy Northwest; her teacher has been a big help in getting her to think about the future and what she can accomplish.
  • My son(s) likes her and he finishes his homework for his teacher.  She is someone else other than my husband or me for my son to be held accountable to. I do plan on registering my other kids in the future if things continue to work for my current child in the program.
  • We are very happy with our curriculum and our teacher’s teaching ability. She holds to definite standards, but does so with grace. The times I’ve listened in on her instruction has been enlightening to me and I know my daughter is enjoying her learning experience more than ever before.


  • A school without walls, in my opinion, gives the students a sense of responsibility and the ability to use resources not commonly seen by them as available.  Parent involvement is much greater.  Contracts and individualized curriculum focus on the students’ needs and talents. Accountability is easier with one-on-one contacts with students and parents.  The curriculum allows for flexibility in time, management and resources used.  Students are able to take control of their own learning through the development of organizational skills.  Students have the time to also work and develop life skills in the workplace.
  • Individualized instruction, personalized curriculum planning, supplemental enrichment activities, and parental involvement encourage independent learners and thinking; with high standards and career-to-work opportunities, students develop a broad range of interests
  • Individual attention, attention to learning styles, high parent involvement, choice of curriculum, own flexible hours for study.
  • We have teachers totally invested in each of their students and families.