Many co-ops have found that some families need or request more help that what the co-op can provide.  A Family Academy Teacher Consultant [TC] can work in tandem with the co-op and provide a “Learning Center.”

Learning Center [LC] is our “name” referring to a weekly gathering of students and parents for a class or classes taught by the TC.  This format, however, is flexible for meeting the contact time required between student and teacher.  LCs may be virtual, a “classroom without walls” serviced by one TC, or they may be in a sizeable facility with a number of classrooms serviced by a several of TCs.  LCs may be located at churches, meeting halls, commercial spaces, homes, etc.  Typically this would be at the same facility as the co-op, though it may be at a different time.

For a co-op, a TC (or several TCs) might provide contracted services for their students for specific classes.  Enrolled students who are high school level can earn credit for high school level course work that includes the instruction received at the co-op.