If you are a currently working as a Christian school principal or administrator, you might consider affiliating with Family Academy to provide services to homeschooling families.  Traditionally, private schools have focused on keeping their classrooms full, following the typical grade-specific model five days a weeks for five-six hours a day.

Innovative educators will ultimately find this approach too limited as it leaves out the parents, running contrary to Deut 6:6-7. The traditional classroom cannot adapt the curriculum to specific learning styles and academic challenges many students may face.  Rather than require the parents to use your sixth grade learning program for them to try to implement at home, Family Academy can show you a better way to serve families.

If you are a Christian principal or administrator not currently working, you might consider finding some teachers interested in training to become Teacher Consultants and join together as an Extension Campus.

Family Academy can help you train teachers to become effective Teacher Consultants.  The best Teacher Consultant supports the parents in their home education efforts.  Too often, teachers have learned to “take charge” but in Family-Directed Education, the best thing a Teacher Consultant can do is to train and support the parents.  Family Academy can provide initial training for parents through our Able to Teach  course, which provides great instruction in successful home education methods.   The on-going relationship with a Teacher Consultant will help the family problem-solve specific challenges, assess individual student needs and progress, and keep the family going over the long haul.

Some schools have worked with Family Academy as a “joint venture.”  This approach is based on a contract, tailored to the specific needs of the school that are seeking to provide services to homeschooling families wanting help through a local program based at an existing day school.

If you are interested in starting or becoming a Family Academy Affiliate School or Extension Campus, click here.