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A Writer’s Guide to Powerful Paragraphs


A Writer’s Guide to Powerful Paragraphs:

  • Provides everything you need to know about writing paragraphs:  for school, college, and work
  • Improves your grades and on-the-job writing skills
  • Simplifies learning to write effective paragraphs.  Easy to use.
  • Helps you write better organized and more coherent paragraphs.
  • Focuses on mastering clear and precise written communication

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Product description

Product Details:

Author:  Victor C. Pellegrino
Format:  Paperback
Language:  English
ISBN:  0-945045-05-0
Copyright:  2003
Publisher:  Maui arThoughts Company
Length:  187 Pages
Weight:  14.5 oz.
Dimensions:  9” x 6″ x .5″