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Homeschooling the High Schooler



Homeschooling the High Schooler – 240 pages of information you need to know!

Paperback Edition


Product description

This book is a complete guide to effective home education for the secondary level, written by 2 former classroom teachers who became home educators with over 6 decades of combined experience.

Dear homeschooling parent of a teen or pre-teen:

Quitting homeschooling after elementary level because you don’t think you can do it right, your teen is less compliant, and/or the subject matter too intimidating? This book is for you!

Burned out from being curriculum-controlled with “reading the chapter, answering the questions and taking the test” structure? This book is for you!

Looking for numerous strategies and tools to prepare for high school? This book is for you.

These authors offer ways to stay the course through high school and enjoy the process and one another (parents and teens) through Family-Directed education.

This covers the how to’s; credit issues, transcripts, diplomas, vocational concerns, college prep and entrance, scholarship information, and so much more.    240 pages.