Most schools, teacher training programs, and state educational departments are invested in expanding “Education Reform.’  Family Academy, however, believes this is another false approach to education in that this movement continues to undermine the parent’s role and the child’s academic, spiritual and character training.   We offer, however, on-going professional training to continue to refine the skills a Teacher Consultant needs.  To receive college-level continuing credit, the TC will need to work with an institution offering independent study options.

Many of the skills teachers learn for classroom instruction are not useful in a homeschool setting. Through our training, you will receive many tools to help in this setting,  and support to start your FA Learning Center.  Typically, some “re-tooling” is required to switch from seeing students daily to seeing them on a weekly basis.  At the same time, putting parents in the driver’s seat and helping them to stay there is the goal. Primarily, your interaction is as a consultant helping parents take charge of their children’s education.  Not every family works successfully in this context, but the Teacher Consultants who learn to effectively provide this service will build a loyal clientele.

Teacher Consultants are free to develop a program that works for them in their community.  They benefit professionally and personally from relationships with other like-minded educators who bring a creative synergy to the learning-teaching process.  Through the association with Family Academy, Teacher Consultants receive tools to help parents be more effective home educators.

It takes a special person to become a Family Academy Teacher Consultant.  It requires an entrepreneurial spirit (or the ability to team with one who is entrepreneurial), creativity in the instructional process, and counseling skills.  Successful Teacher Consultants are constantly learning new skills for improving services while building their business.  We have found that through our training workshops and mentoring, individual weaknesses can be reduced and strengths enhanced.

Some of our professional development training topics include:


Some of our professional development inservice topics include:

  • Teacher Consultant Initial Orientation
  • Teacher Consultant High School Orientation
  • Time Management
  • Independent Contracting 101
  • Unit Studies
  • Useful Computer Applications for Educators
  • Analyzing Learning Styles
  • Testing and Assessments
  • Preparing students for the college application process
  • And many more topics in our archives and in development