“Learning Center” is the term to define the “business” of the Teacher Consultant [TC].  It typically refers to a weekly gathering of students and parents with the TC for a class taught by the TC.  This format , however, can vary greatly. Learning Centers may also be virtual, a “classroom without walls” serviced by one TC, or they may be in a sizeable facility with a number of classrooms serviced by a handful of TCs.  Learning Centers may be located in facilities convenient and available to the TC(s) such as a church, meeting hall, commercial space, homes, etc. One TC may choose to travel and have several locations for a Learning Center.

Most educators have worked as employees.  To become successful within Family Academy, teachers need to hone their entrepreneurial skills. Often a TC becomes a sole proprietor. Part of the Teacher Consultant Orientation (and on-going services) includes training in marketing the TC’s services.  The TC’s income is determined by the number of enrolled students  and the rate the TC charges.

Along with the weekly learning center activities, many Teacher Consultants develop a menu of services for non-enrolled homeschoolers who want some help.

Some of these services might include:

  • Testing and assessments
  • Learning style analysis
  • Tutorials
  • Educational consulting
  • Educational workshops
  • Homeschooling seminars

Several Teacher Consultants can work together to form an Extension Campus.  An Extension Campus requires the association of TCs to form an educational corporation.  Extension Campuses can also be established with other educational corporations, private school, and churches.  The corporation contracts with the Affiliate Academy to provide services to their congregation(s) or to a larger community.  The Extension Campus assumes greater control over the local TCs and the local Learning Centers.  However, they continue to rely on the services provided by the Affiliate Academy – such as, registrar and accreditation.  They also rely on FA for training.

Financial Considerations

So how much can a TC make?  Though Family Academy can make referrals and assist with marketing, the Teacher Consultant’s personal initiative and skills to network with local families will be critical to building the learning center.  Most TCs earn at least $1200+ per year per enrolled student, many earn more. The work will be part-time, though like the  first year of classrooom teaching, each will have a learning curve to work through. TCs looking to work fulltime will take on more students and maybe even oversee other teacher and teacher consultants working under them.

One of the best things about being an FA Teacher Consultant is the flexilbility to be in charge of one’s own the work week and work place.  Since the TC is not a Family Academy employee, each TC decides how many students, what age range, what fees, diversity of services, and other independent contractor privileges.  This lets each TC stay in touch with teaching and still allow real time with family, and even be a stay-at-home mom or dad. Some TCs work out of their home, others use a church or community facility for more space.