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All Write SkillsBook Teacher’s Edition


Discounted: Older Edition Curriculum

The Skillsbook provides the student with opportunities to practice the editing and proofreading skills in the All Write handbook.  The handbook contains guidelines, examples, and models to help students complete their work in the SkillsBook.  The activities in the SkillsBook are organized into Workshop Activities, Minilessons, and Daily Sentences.

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Product description

Authors:  Pat Sebranek and Dave Kemper
Format:  Paperback
Language:  English
ISBN:  0-669-49955-2 (teacher’s edition)
ISBN:  0-669-49954-4 (student edition)
Copyright: 2003
Publisher:  Great Source Education Group, Inc.
Length:  215 Pages
Weight:  16.5 oz.
Dimensions:  11” x 0.8″ x 8.5″
Grades:  6+