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Homeschooling: The Basics


About the Author:

Diana McAlister, homeschool pioneer in Washington state since 1981, founded Family Academy, the first unique blend of private and home schooling in the nation. Diana’s association with several other like-minded certificated teachers, committed to equipping homeschoolers, is growing into a professional group dedicated to efficiency and success. A former pubic school teacher, she home educated her four daughters, publishing the first edition of Homeschooling the High Schooler in 1983. This abbreviated course is a taste of a more fulfilling course entitled “Able to Teach” for parents and teacher consultants.”

Product description

This course gives a brief overview of homeschooling philosophy, an evaluation of one’s readiness to homeschool, curriculum recommendations, and the Washington State homeschool law.  Homeschooling Basics is offered through Multnomah Plus, and serves as a qualifying course for homeschooling parents in the state of Washington.  Open enrollment.