To start a new FA-affiliate academy in your area requires many steps.  First, research your state’s Department of Education requirements for a private school.  It will also be important to know the legalities of homeschooling for your state.

Many will phase into establishing a local FA-affiliate academy by starting one or more learning centers and/or extension campuses affiliated with an already established FA-affiliate school.  As the local program grows and the financial base expands, a separate local FA-affiliate school can be more easily established.

Starting an Academy will require contract of services between Family Academy and your team.  The financial commitment will vary depending on the services requested.  The “phase-in” approach will, in most cases, will require the least amount of initial investment, allowing more for a pay-as-you-go method.

Each FA-Affiliate Academy will need to have at least 3 FA trained TCs.  The Administrator could be one of those TCs if that TC has training, skills, and/or gifting in administration. To have a financial base from which to work, the Affiliate Academy should also have at least 90 students. Until that number of students is enrolled, it is best to function as an “Extension Campus” of an exisiting FA-Affiliate Academy.

The FA-Affiliate will also need to staff the below listed positions.  One person may cover more than one position and some positions may be phrased into over time with FA providing the initial support staff.  Some positions may be filled by volunteers but ultimately, it will be important to provide some salary (see I Tim 5:18 – “A worker deserves his wages”).

  • Board of Directors: oversees the policies of the school.  These must be people with a genuine faith in Jesus Christ with a heart for families, and a solid understanding of home education and its benefits.
  • Administrator/Principal:  oversees the staff and educational program and promotes the educational services to the general public.
  • Business Manager: oversees the financial aspects of the program, does payroll, pays bills, keeps financial records of the school
  • Registrar: oversees and maintains student records
  • Contracts Manager:  processes contracted tuition payments, helps keep tuition accounts current through regular communications with enrolled families and TCS
  • Administrative Assistant:  answers the phone during business hours and completes secretarial and other support tasks for Administrator
  • IT support staff: establishes website and other Internet-based services for the school


Family Academy Definitions:

Learning Center [LC]: This refers to a weekly gathering of students and parents for a class or classes taught by the Teacher Consultant [TC]. This format, however, is flexible for meeting the necessary contact time between student and teacher. LCs may be virtual, a “classroom without walls” serviced by one TC, or they may be in a sizeable facility providing live classes with several TCs. LCs may be located at your church or in local meeting halls, commercial spaces, homes, etc.

Extension Campus [EC]:This is a relatively new development within The Family Academy Way where a church or Christian educational corporation contracts with the Affiliate School to provide services to their congregation(s) or to a larger community. As an Extension Campus, the Affiliate School and Family Academy contract with the church to provide Family-Directed Education services. The Extension Campus of the church typically assumes greater control over the TCs working there, and may choose to hire the TC’s as employees or have them work as independent contractors. However, to help the EC become successful and to maintain program standards, the EC relies on the Affiliate School for specific services such as registrar and accreditation and on FA for parent, TC, and staff training.

Affiliate Academy: This is for churches and Christian educational corporations wanting to offer Family-Directed Education following the Family Academy Way, adopting our approach, but may adapt our methods and resources to fit the local needs. Family Academy will assist the Affiliate Academy in developing their own registrar and support services for TC’s, Academy development, as well as accreditation.